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    Xiaomi BHR4245GL 13.5-inch LCD Writing Tablet

    R 339.00
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    SKU: SY BHR4245GL

    Xiaomi BHR4245GL 13.5-inch LCD Writing Tablet


    Xiaomi BHR4245GL 13.5-inch LCD Writing Tablet

    Bring new warmth into your home with the Xiaomi Mi LCD writing tablet.

    This device is perfect for leaving messages to your loved ones, teaching kids how to write and draw, or even taking notes in business meetings. The durable yet lightweight design makes it suitable for use on the go, and it can run off of a single battery for a whole year.

    - Great for taking notes, sketching, teaching, and more
    - Lightweight stylus that prevents hand fatigue
    - Pressure-sensitive monochromatic LCD screen
    - Screen lock switch that avoids losing important content
    - Integrated magnetic stylus holder
    - Durable exterior that is still comfortable to use

    - Display size: 13.5"
    - Battery: CR2025
    - Tablet dimensions: 318 x 225 x 7 mm
    - Tablet weight: 345g

    Package includes:
    - Tablet
    - Stylus
    - User manual


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