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    Switched SWD-8908 1600W/1536Wh LiFeP04 UPS Power Station

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    Switched SWD-8908 1600W/1536Wh LiFeP04 UPS Power Station
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    Switched 1600W/1536Wh Lifep04 UPS Power Station (SWD-8908)

    Features and Specifications

    Robust Power Capacity:
    With a peak power output of 3000W, this UPS power station provides ample energy to keep essential devices running smoothly.

    AC Output Versatility:
    The AC output range of 200-240V~ 50Hz ensures compatibility with a wide array of electronics and appliances.

    High Energy Storage:
    Boasting a substantial 1536Wh capacity, it keeps your devices powered for extended periods.
    Efficient LiFeP04 Battery:
    The LiFeP04 battery chemistry offers enhanced safety and longevity, making this power station a durable investment.
    Portable Design:
    Featuring a compact form, it's easy to transport, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
    Multiple Output Ports:
    Equipped with various output ports, including USB and AC sockets, it accommodates diverse devices simultaneously.
    LCD Display:
    The built-in LCD display provides real-time information on battery status, output levels, and more.
    Quiet Operation:
    Silent inverter technology ensures a noise-free experience, ideal for home and office environments.

    - Battery Capacity: 1536Wh (25.6V/60Ah)
    - Rated Power(AC): 1600W
    - Peak Power: 3000W
    - AC Output: 200-240V~ 50Hz
    - DC Input: 12-32V
    - 4 USB-A: QC 3.0 - 5V3A / 9V2A / 12V1.5A
    - 2 USB-C: PD 100W
    - 1 DC5521: 13V/3A (Max)
    - 1 Car Socket: 13V/10A (Max)
    - With Built-in UPS Function
    - Complete Overload Protection

    Duty Cycle
    Run/Duty cycles = 2000 minimum and 4000 maximum

    Charge Time
    Charge time 2 hours

    Elevate your power backup strategy with the Switched 1600W/1536Wh LiFeP04 UPS Power Station.
    Enjoy uninterrupted power for your devices, whether at home, work, or on the go.

    1 year

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