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    Astrum USB Webcam with Mic (720P with support for FullHD 1080P)

    R 369,00
    SKU: XG SW720

    Astrum Full HD USB Webcam With Mic - WM720


    Full HD webcam that delivers high quality audio and video in MPG/YUV format. It 3-axis clamp fits perfectly
    to all devices, laptops LCD,LED and CRT monitors. Supports 720p resolution (1920x1080p) with 30fps output. 
    Resolution Upto 1080P full HD
    Support Mac OS / Windows / Linux / IOS / Android
    Mic External Microphone
    Interface USB 2.0
    Image Format JPG / BMP
    Color Black/Red
    Video Formats MPEG / YUV
    Video Resolutions 1920 x 1080 at 30fps
    Connectors USB Port / Micro USB Cable
    Compatibility Universal
    Camera 720 pixels
    Connectivity USB 2.0
    Mobile Compatibilty IOS and Android
    Use For Multi-Purpose
    Grip Rubber
    Cable Length 140cm
    Sensor CMOS Sensor
    Support Phone size All
    Dimensions 20.0 x 16.5 x 5.2 cm
    Weight 191g
    Package Contents 1 HD Webcam
    Kindly note that the video devices comes with hardware lens and its actual video resolution which is controlled by the firmware and its IC.
    (Just like we talk upscaling on TV as common man language).
    In technical terms lens used inside the camera is of 720 which is interpolated by supported IC and firmware with 1920 x 1080 as upscaling.
    You may please read below Link for more information on how the upscaling / interpolated works.